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Horizon Resource Network e.V.

Horizon Resource Network is a Germany-based international non-profit organisation that advances the interests of people of all ages irrespective of race, tribe or religion by promoting interventive measures and implementing regional and international projects to enhance a just and inclusive society and mutual coexistence.

Our goals are achieved by leveraging community engagement and cross-sectorial & cross-boundary collaborations.

Current Highlights

Digital Youth Work in Idrija

Idrija, a quaint town in Slovenia, was the location of our recent training program to foster the development of digital competencies, such as digital communication, that are crucial for advancing Youth work in Europe.

Youths in Europe Unite against Mental Health Problems in Hamburg.

The project, co-funded by the European Union under the auspices of Erasmus Plus, highlighted the adverse effects of COVID19 on young people’s mental health and was an excellent opportunity to learn, share and connect.


CAAP 2024 is an upgrade on the Conference of African PhDs in Germany (CAPiG), successfully organised in the last three years (2021, 2022 and 2023). The Conference takes place on Saturday, September 14th, 2024, in Hamburg, Germany. 

State of the Art E-Learning in Palermo

The “State of the Art E-Learning” training and exchange program was hosted by the European Centre of Studies and Initiatives CESIE in Palermo.

Heart & Mind

Empowering young migrant women to cope with challenges, and facilitate their integration into their new communities.

Empowerment-Workshop für neue Mütter

Der Beginn der Mutterschaft kann eine sehr lohnende, aber auch schwierige Erfahrung sein. Ein Neugeborenes zum Schlafen zu bringen, kann schwierig sein, aber die frühzeitige Einführung guter Schlafgewohnheiten kann helfen……

Empowerment-Workshop für schwangere Frauen

Nutrition and exercise during pregnancy are crucial for the health and well-being of both the mother and the developing baby…

Mental Health Development through Nature Community in Hungary

Partners from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Poland connected in Budapest, Hungary for exchange and capacity building.

African-German Doctoral Summer School 2024

Registration is on for the 2nd edition of the African-German Doctoral Summer School in Hamburg.

BCE Networking Dinner

Our maiden Business, Career and Empowerment Networking dinner was a grand success.

Help for Africans from Ukraine in Germany (HAUG)

Providing support for the survivors of the war in Ukraine

AI Empowerment in Romania

RAISE Training advanced knowledge of Artificial Intelligence – tools and practices.

Gesundheitsförderung und Interventionen für Menschen mit afrikanischem Hintergrund in Hamburg ist ein geplantes Projekt, um die psychische Gesundheit von Menschen mit afrikanischem Hintergrund in Hamburg zu fördern und zu verbessern.

Our Offers


Information, Advice & Orientation

“Willkommen in Deutschland”

Who, how, what, where, Why? – Getting started in a new country can be difficult. Through our information, advice and orientation services, we make your settling in Germany easier.

We provide reliable information and resources on documentation processes, access to important services, working, living, and studying in Germany.

Our regular online information webinars and in-person consultations (in English and German) are implemented to deliver up-to-date and well-informed guidance to our newcomers.


Legal Advisory

In cooperation with legal experts and supporting partners, we provide free legal interventions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in order to protect their rights and facilitate their legal residence in the country. 

Capacity Building

We offer capacity building & training programs to strengthen the competencies of participants in diverse fields of learning with the end goal of bridging the gaps between aspiration and actions.


Youth Exchanges

We host and participate in Youth exchanges within the framework of Erasmus+.

Our youth exchange programs bring together groups of young people from different countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet, live together, work on shared projects, discuss and confront various themes for short periods.

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“Mingle and Learn” – That is the motto of our networking initiatives.

Our networking events are avenues to build new connections and break through cultural, social and other barriers.

Whether you have been in Germany for a long time, are relatively new, curious about how things work in the country or are in need of information and resources to enhance your settlement in the country, our networking event is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with resources and knowledgeable people and the community.

Civic Engagement & Participation

We encourage active involvement of individuals and communities in the democratic process and civic life; through volunteering. The aim is to build social capital while making a lasting positive impact.

Stay informed about relevant and helpful news, information for and about Migrants.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Three community projects in Kerry have been awarded substantial funding, each receiving approximately €5,000 to support the integration of migrants. This funding comes from the Communities Integration Fund provided by the Department of Integration, which aims to assist local projects across Ireland in fostering the inclusion and integration of migrants […]
  • The Home Secretary has announced a robust plan to increase the deportation of migrants in the UK who have no legal right to remain. In a piece for The Sun, Yvette Cooper criticized the previous Tory government’s focus on the Rwanda Partnership, describing the asylum system as chaotic. She revealed […]
  • Two men lost their lives, and a third is in critical condition after two shootings occurred minutes apart near a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, police and law enforcement sources reported. The incidents unfolded late Sunday night, causing significant alarm and prompting a swift investigation by authorities. The first shooting took […]
  • Recently, a woman sparked a significant online debate by criticizing Indian migrants in Canada, accusing them of damaging the country’s reputation. Canada has long been a preferred destination for Indians seeking new opportunities, and the number of Indian immigrants has steadily increased over the years. The controversy began when Megha […]
  • France has recently implemented tougher regulations concerning the employment of undocumented migrants as part of a broader effort to enhance immigration control and combat illegal labour. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced these new measures, which include stricter conditions for issuing residence permits and the introduction of fines for companies […]
  • In a troubling incident in Ciudad Juarez, three individuals have been arrested on charges of kidnapping 12 migrants. According to reports from the Secretariat of Public Safety of the State (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Estado), the arrests came after a tip-off about suspicious behavior in the Praderas del Sol […]
  • At least 40 Haitian migrants died and many more were injured after a boat they were on caught fire off Haiti’s northern coast, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on Friday. The boat, carrying at least 80 people and heading to Turks and Caicos, departed from Cap-Haïtien around 4 […]
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reaffirmed its dedication to supporting migration affairs in Cambodia. During a recent meeting, Kristin Parco, the outgoing Chief of Mission for IOM in Cambodia, emphasized the organization’s ongoing commitment to cooperating with the Cambodian government. She expressed gratitude for the Ministry of Labour […]
  • A new free soccer program called Amigos Unidos FC (United Friends) has been launched for migrant children living in city-run shelters in Chicago. Initiated by Hannah McGee, a pre-med student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and her friend Sofia Castro, the program aims to provide a recreational outlet for […]
  • In a major legal action, the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Key, the largest provider of shelters for unaccompanied migrant children in the United States. The lawsuit, lodged in the Western District of Texas, accuses the Austin-based nonprofit organization of widespread sexual abuse and harassment […]

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