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Horizon Resource Network e.V.

Horizon Resource Network is a non-profit organisation in Germany that works to promote the integration of people with an international or migration background through education and socio-cultural empowerment.

Through national and international networks and synergy with public and private organizations working with migrant communities and various impact community projects, we engage in the sustained empowerment of internationals and facilitate the achievement of their goals in a foreign environment.

Our goals are achieved by leveraging community engagement and cross-sectorial & cross-boundary collaborations.

Current Highlights

Partners Connect in Berlin

The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the cooperation between CARE Deutschland e.V. and the partner organizations as part of the “Emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine” project.

A Taste of Home

Migrants expressed their views on why they feel at home or do not feel at home in Hamburg at the Social Integration Hub.


A new initiative to promote the social integration of migrants.

Stress Management

Migrants acquired new knowledge about the causes of stress and the pillars of identity at a stress management workshop in Hamburg led by an experienced psychologist and mental health therapist, Julia Fischer-Ortman.

BCE Networking Dinner

Our maiden Business, Career and Empowerment Networking dinner was a grand success.

Mental health development

Our Volunteers joined participants & partners from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Poland in Budapest, Hungary for exchange and capacity building in preparation for implementing a project focusing on Mental health development through Nature and Community.

Gesundheitsförderung und Interventionen für Menschen mit afrikanischem Hintergrund in Hamburg ist ein geplantes Projekt, um die psychische Gesundheit von Menschen mit afrikanischem Hintergrund in Hamburg zu fördern und zu verbessern.


Help for Africans from Ukraine in Germany (HAUG)

An initiative to welcome and provide support to victims of war in Ukraine.

African-German Doctoral Summer School

The African-German Doctoral Summer School took place for the first time in Hamburg from the 4th to the 9th of September, 2023.

Refugees' AI Students Empowerment

RAISE Training took place in Romania from the 7th of May 2023 to the 12th of May 2023 with the objective of providing participants with a valuable learning and networking experience.

Our Offers


Information, Advice & Orientation

“Willkommen in Deutschland”

Who, how, what, where, Why? – Getting started in a new country can be difficult. Through our information, advice and orientation services, we make your settling in Germany easier.

We provide reliable information and resources on documentation processes, access to important services, working, living, and studying in Germany.

Our regular online information webinars and in-person consultations (in English and German) are implemented to deliver up-to-date and well-informed guidance to our newcomers.

Promotion of Healthy Living

The Proverb “Health is Wealth” is forever true. Knowledge is paramount to leading a healthy and productive life. The knowledge of the prevalent sickness and disease in the environment and preventive measures. 

Through Horizon Health, we promote health literacy within the migrant community. Our programs are designed to enrich the knowledge base of participants and foster a healthy community.

Our motivation is the achievement of goal No. 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which aspires to ensure health and well-being for all.

Horizon Health programs include: 

  • Mental health awareness seminar/workshop.
  • Public health education
  • Nutrition workshop & Physical activity etc.

Legal Advisory

In cooperation with legal experts and supporting partners, we provide free legal interventions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in order to protect their rights and facilitate their legal residence in the country. 

Language Training

Learning and understanding a new language is a key recipe for effective integration. At Horizon Resource Network, we offer German Language training for immigrants who wish to improve their language competence.



“Mingle and Learn” – That is the motto of our networking initiatives.

Our networking events are avenues to build new connections and break through cultural, social and other barriers.

Whether you have been in Germany for a long time, are relatively new, curious about how things work in the country or are in need of information and resources to enhance your settlement in the country, our networking event is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with resources and knowledgeable people and the community.

Capacity Building

We offer capacity building & training programs to strengthen the competencies of participants in diverse fields of learning with the end goal of bridging the gaps between aspiration and actions.

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Leisure Programs

We organise regular leisure programs to promote participation and create new experiences. Some of our leisure activities include tours, excursions, sports, games night, karaoke, hangouts etc.


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