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''Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family."
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Horizon Resource Network promotes integration through Education.

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Integration through Education and Social-Cultural Empowerment

Horizon Resource Network is a non-profit organisation in Germany that works to promote the integration of persons with an international or migration background through education and socio-cultural empowerment.

Through many active networks, collaboration, and synergy with public and private organisations working with migrant communities and various impact community projects, we engage in the sustained empowerment of internationals and enhance the expression of their skills and talents in a foreign environment.

At Horizon Resource Network, we believe that Education is key to achieving sustainable and inclusive development for all members of society.

As a guiding principle, we place a high premium on diverse forms of information and the capacity development of migrants.

Our impact programs include information & orientation, vocational training, career-building & professional advancement seminar, issues-based symposium, networking & academic conferences, skill acquisition workshops, information sharing, leisure activities, empowerment programs, public relations & advocacy in the field of education, development, integration, and intercultural cooperation.

What We Do

We provide information and advice through a structured mentoring & orientation program that enhances the achievement of life goals and decision-making.

Our Social integration programs are geared towards enhancing the settlement of migrants in their new community and promoting a better life for migrants by encouraging acceptability, self-determination and personal responsibility.

Furthermore, through our regular online and in-person consultations, we provide life-planning assistance and advice on working, living and studying.

We work with experts and professionals in a wide area of specializations to provide up-to-date and well-informed guidance to our community.



Finding your way around a new environment can be tedious and mentally frustrating. So, we take the burden off you by offering accompaniment support to local offices, interviews at the immigration office and documentation processes.



We offer advice and support to enhance the integration and successful academic life of international students.

We work actively to support youth welfare and offer expert counseling and support for families. Our networking events are mostly tailored to encourage networking amongst youth and guide them on their way to adulthood.

The Proverb “Health is Wealth” is forever true. To lead a healthy and productive life, knowledge is paramount. The knowledge of the prevalent sickness and disease in the environment and preventive measures. According to the 2015 Incheon Declaration, education develops the skills, values and attitudes that enable citizens to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, make informed decisions, and respond to local and global challenges.

With Horizon Health, we promote health literacy within the migrant community. Our programs are designed for the enrichment of the knowledge base of participants and to foster a healthy community.

In addition, Horizon Health supports the achievement of goal No 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which aspires to ensure health and well-being for all.

Through Horizon Health, we provide resources to help you stay current with health-based programs and professional training courses to acquire new skills and knowledge on health management.

Horizon Health programs include: 

  • Mental health awareness seminar/workshop
  • Public health education
  • Nutrition workshop & Physical activity etc.

Are you new in Germany? Would you like to meet new people and accompany newcomers at the start of their life in the city? Our InBuddy (short form: Integration Buddy) program offers you the opportunity to do so.

InBuddy Program brings newcomers in Germany into contact with people who have been living in Hamburg for a number of years. The aim of the program is to support newcomers in their everyday activities in Germany. The program is designed to ease moving to Germany and settling in your new city.

What does a buddy do?

The tasks a buddy can perform are highly diverse. A buddy can accompany newcomers, provide them with information and help them practice the German language & learn the German culture with a view to enhancing their settling in the city.
The buddy can also assist the newcomer in organizing studies, searching for jobs, opening a bank account, and making the necessary visits to local authorities. Joint leisure-time activities and sightseeing excursions may also be on the agenda! Ultimately, a buddy’s tasks vary from case to case. The buddy must determine how to help the newcomer and what types of activities to undertake with him or her.

Periodically, we organize several meetings that serve as a contact point for all buddies. In the first meeting, all buddies get to know each other personally and can exchange contact details. After exchanging contact details, the buddy couples can organize their meetings independently or attend further buddy meetings. At other arranged meetings, such as game nights and excursions, to which all buddies are always cordially invited, you can get to know new buddies and decide for yourself if and with whom you would like to become buddies.

The InBuddy Program offers all participants a perfect opportunity to make international contacts and friendships, brush up on their foreign language skills, and discover new cultures.

Do you need a buddy, or would you like to be a buddy? Please get in touch with us via:

Rising globalization and industrialization have opened up career opportunities in various fields hitherto unknown to mankind. Acquisition of high-demand skills is imperative for inclusion, productive engagement and adaptability.

Through HRN Skills, we offer periodic skill development training, webinars, and workshops to University students and professionals to gain the requisite skills to build the workforce for the 21st Century.

HRN Skills aims to reskill and upskill participants for a seamless transition into a chosen career.

HRN Skills offer training and workshops on areas such as Data Analytics, Data Science, Web Development, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Business Analysis, Digital Tools, Sustainability and lots more…

Are you interested in being part of our upcoming workshops or training, please get in touch with us via

Horizon Resource Network actively supports the promotion of career advancement for students, youth and adults. To ensure the broadest possible base of interested persons, our goal is to make knowledge and skills an indispensable part of education. We believe that having an informed understanding of the best career and life decisions is key to a fulfilled and happy life.

Through Horizon Career, we provide information and assistance both for starting a new profession and for a successful working life.

Leveraging our wide network in the industry and academia, we offer a career guide for students looking to secure attractive internship positions and jobs in any sector.

We design personalized job coaching sessions to help career starters in navigating through the challenging path of job applications and job search.

Horizon Career also provides resources to help you stay current with programs and professional training courses to acquire new skills and information on job opportunities.

Whether it’s financing your studies or starting a career – questions about this will certainly arise during or at the end of your studies. The offers and information of the Horizon career can give you useful answers. Our programs are designed to strengthen the employability of participants.

The spectrum of the program of Horizon career includes:

  • Career Design Workshop and Seminar.
  • Job/Career Coaching (Personalised)
  • Job Application Masterclass
  • Networking Events

Horizon Cafe offers a platform to meet, connect and exchange in an intercultural setting. During our meetings, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas, get information, practice your language and get support in time of need. The cafe is open to the public regardless of race, tribe, origin or religion. We will provide updates about the next meeting shortly.

We organise regular and periodic free and leisure programs to promote healthy living among the migrant community. Our Leisure program includes free time social gatherings, tours, excursions, sports and fun activities.

Learning and understanding a new language is a key recipe for effective integration. At Horizon Resource Network, we offer German and English Language training for immigrants who wish to improve their language competence.

Please get in touch with us for the schedule of our training.

Follow us

There are regular updates of our projects and activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Come along and follow us!

Our greatest strength is our network, which we leverage effectively to promote impact projects through community engagement, dialogue, & collaboration in the spirit of reciprocity.

Our Strategy

Inclusive Knowledge Transfer

Sustainable Collaboration

Purpose-led Social and Community Engagement

Effective Networking

“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration of a dignity, safety and a better future. It is a part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family.”

Ban Ki-Moon

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  • Our Diversity
  • Our Strength
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