Mental Health in Youth as a Result of COVID-19

Mental health issues have slowly been getting the acknowledgment they deserve and require. However, it is still not popular enough to lessen the burden on the youth. People are not educated about psychological problems caused by different reasons, especially in the youth, that could potentially traumatize or endanger the young ones. Many stereotypes are swirling around the topic that show the problem in a negative light, which is not an acceptable approach to such an issue. Such views about youth with mental issues discourage them from coming out and being honest about their problems, which, in turn, burdens them more and worsens their situation.
The goal of our project is to support the youth suffering from mental disorders disorders and encourage them to make positive changes for themselves and for others in their communities.

Project Objectives:

  • To raise awareness about mental disorders and illnesses among youth.
  • To give the participants knowledge, tools and instruments through which they will overcome the mental challenges independently.
  • Creating safe spaces for young people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and mental disorders.
  • Exchanging cultural views and opinions, and experiencing each other’s perspective.


As a result of our project, it is expected to raise awareness regarding the mental health issues in European youth and the effects of the pandemic and the virus on young minds. We hope that with our project, we will encourage the youth to conclude that if they are not doing well mentally, it is okay to accept that and seek help. While we are not ambitious enough to claim that we will heal the young ones and improve their conditions, we think that by letting more people know about the psychological problems caused by the pandemic, we can make the situation of the youth a little more acceptable and identifiable. We can get society to acknowledge the threat of mental disorders and pave the way for the young ones through our partners and participants in order to make their journey toward healing easier.

Project Partners:

  • Horizon Resource Network e.V. [DE] (Coordinator)
  • Club Pitch & Putt Barcelona Teia [ESP]
  • Europalmente Erasmus [IT]
  • European Center for Human Rights [FR]
  • Galmudug Community Finland Ry [FI]
  • Spring Mindset [PL]

Project Status: Completed

Start: 01.06.2023

End: 31.05.2024

Project Reference: 2023-1-DE04-KA152-YOU-000143942

EU Grant: 33.130,00 €

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Project Impressions:



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