Did you know that…

📋Almost half of #migrants are #women and #girls . And #women are increasingly migrating alone or as heads of their households.

📋Female #migrants face significant risks, including sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence.

📋#migrant women face double discrimination – as women and as #migrants .

📋#women do not stop getting pregnant when they are on the move.

📋#women and #girl migrants are more likely to face health problems – both in transit and at their destinations.
[United Nations Population Fund]

Our project, HEART & MIND, aims to empower young migrant women, enhance their capacity to cope with challenges, provide support, and facilitate their #integration into their new communities.

This project will see competent experts facilitate several capacity-building workshops and webinars for women’s empowerment and to provide ultimate recommendations for a fulfilling life.

Our experts will share important information and resources to guide women in decision-making.

We also offer a safe space for women to share their concerns and receive essential advice.

Our #peer -to-peer #mentoring offer will connect young migrant women new to Hamburg with #mentors -experienced women for family and life counseling.

Networking & social events are the icing on the cake!

Heart & Mind is funded through the Migrants Engagement Fund of Bürgerstiftung Hamburg