Help for All

Support for those in need and least likely to find support elsewhere.

We provide broad assistance, support, or resources to everyone in need, regardless of their circumstances.

The idea behind “Help for All” is inclusivity and ensuring that support systems are in place to address the diverse needs of the population.

Domains of Intervention

  • Crisis Intervention: Immediate, short-term assistance to individuals experiencing an event that produces emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral distress or problems.
  • Emergency Assistance: Aid and support during emergencies or disasters that are available to all affected individuals.
  • Social Intervention: Efforts to address social problems and improve the well-being of individuals or communities facing economic, social, or personal challenges.
  • Psychological Intervention: To help individuals cope with mental health issues through therapy or counseling.
  • Legal Aid: Providing legal assistance and representation to ensure everyone has access to justice.
  • Employment Support: Job training, career counseling, and employment services accessible to all job seekers.
  • Housing Assistance: To help individuals and families secure safe and affordable housing.

Ongoing Intervention Programs

A joint initiative to welcome and support African refugees from Ukraine.

Support services for survivors of War in Ukraine

Integration Buddy program for migrants and refugees.

In need of Help? Contact us via email:

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