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Volunteering opens up new perspectives in a community of people with similar interests and values. holds immense importance for both individuals and communities, fostering personal growth, social cohesion, and collective well-being.

Benefits of Volunteering

Personal Development: Volunteering provides opportunities for personal growth and development. Through volunteering, you can develop new skills, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable experience that can enhance your professional and personal life.

Building Social Connections: Volunteering facilitates the building of social connections and networks. By working alongside others who share similar interests and values, volunteers can form friendships, develop social support systems, and strengthen community bonds.

Promotion of Empathy and Compassion: Volunteering cultivates empathy and compassion by exposing individuals to different perspectives, experiences, and challenges. Through volunteer work, individuals develop a deeper understanding of others’ needs and circumstances, fostering empathy and compassion towards those who are less fortunate.

Strengthening Civic Engagement: Volunteering promotes civic engagement and active citizenship by encouraging individuals to participate in the democratic process and take responsibility for the well-being of their communities. By volunteering, individuals become more informed, engaged, and invested in shaping positive social change.

Building Trust and Social Capital: Volunteering contributes to developing trust and social capital within communities. Volunteers build trust, reciprocity, and mutual respect by working together towards common goals, fostering a sense of solidarity and collective identity.

Inspiring Others: Volunteering serves as a powerful example of altruism and generosity, inspiring others to get involved and make a difference in their own communities. By sharing their experiences and stories, volunteers can motivate others to take action and contribute to positive social change.

Volunteer in Europe with HRN

Fully hosted

Paid accommodation, meals & more.

Free / subsidised round trip

Travel tickets covered

Maximum support

Guaranteed logistics and operational support

Looking for volunteering engagement in Hamburg?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer you the chance to

  • contribute, get involved and take on responsibility.
  • gather the first valuable experience in the world of work
  • build contact with people who need support.
  • bridge waiting times (e.g., university waiting semester).
  • acquire experience for life and last but not least…
  • have a lot of fun.

Get engaged in Hamburg either via BFD, FSJ or free time volunteering.

We advise you individually and personally. We get to know you, your ideas and wishes and work with you to find the commitment that fits in well with your life. The consultation is free of charge.

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