Integration of Migrants

We enable newcomers or foreigner's ability to incorporate into the society for shared prosperity.

Migrant integration has gained prominence on the global agenda with the advent of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda’s call to “leave no one behind”—including migrants.

Effective integration of migrants and refugees is a multidimensional issue that covers migrant’s inclusion in economic, psychological, social, linguistic, navigational, and civic spheres of a society, and as such requires holistic approach.

Migrants need to navigate unclear practical tasks in an unfamiliar environment, often with limited fluency in the language of the host community. The difference in culture, tradition, processes and way of life are factors that can limit the integration of migrants in a new country.

Integration of migrant is at the core of our services. Our integration programs are geared towards giving migrants sense of belonging and connectivity to the community. We create programs to initiate supportive relationships, meaningful cooperation and interactions among migrants and members of the host communities.

The overarching goal is to promote social inclusion, social cohesion, and social participation of migrants as individuals and as groups.

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Our actions to Promote Integration

“Life is easier with an experienced companion.”

It is particularly challenging for newcomers in Germany, especially students, young people, and career starters, to find their way through the administrative, bureaucratic, and financial aspects of everyday life. Accompanied by “Horizon buddies” and in themed workshops, newcomers deal with topics such as finances, bureaucracy, self-care and mental health and thus experience greater social participation and self-efficacy.

Our Buddy & Mentoring Program brings newcomers in Germany into contact with people who have been living in the country for a number of years or experienced professionals. The aim of the program is to support newcomers in their everyday activities. The program is designed to make moving to Germany and settling in their new city as easy as possible.

Do you need a buddy/mentor, or would you like to be a buddy/mentor? Check the main page of inBuddy Program


A new initiative designed to broaden the knowledge of migrants about Germany.

The main activity is a periodic group tour designed to explore and learn about German culture, food, and tradition.

Our group trips are opportunities for participants to meet new faces, meet new faces, build connections, and create new memories.


Sport is a valuable tool for promoting human rights, encouraging peace, and fostering international understanding in a spirit of mutual respect between people. Particularly, specially organized sport offers far-reaching individual opportunities and social possibilities in helping both host societies and new arrivals in a community come together to build new social connections. Common interests and values can be shared through sport, bringing people together to promote intercultural dialogue, overcome differences, and reduce intolerance.

Language Training

Understanding and being able to communicate in a language allows us to access information and make informed decisions.

Our regular language training gives migrants a solid foundation to developing their communication competence. 

Networking & Exchange

Networking to exchange and share experiences is a vital tool to enlighten one another and pave the way for a brighter future. Through our networking events, migrants have the opportunity to talk to each other in a safe
atmosphere over quality food.

In addition, our networking events promote social integration through social connections.


Volunteering helps citizens connect with others in their local communities who may be from different backgrounds. It creates bonds and shared identities that go beyond superficial differences that might otherwise seem important. Volunteering also provides a meaningful way of grappling with social problems – for example, reducing social isolation or improving mental health – for both the volunteer and the person benefiting from the volunteering.

We create opportunities for our members to participate in various volunteering activities across Germany to boost their morale and social capital.

Furthermore, through our regular training programs, participants are introduced to the topics of “volunteering” and “voluntary work” and the wide range of opportunities in the community.

Empowerment Workshops

Empowerment is strengthening existing skills, including skills needed for community building and networking with the outside world and each other. With our empowerment workshops, we create safe spaces where personal development, encounters, and expressions can occur.

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