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For the good of Mothers

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Living alone in a foreign country is a difficult experience, especially as a new or expecting mother!

Language barriers, social isolation, emotional distress, financial constraints, and cultural norms are some factors that mitigate the joyful motherhood experience of foreign mothers in Germany.

Mothers need help navigating the health care system in Germany, receiving support during antenatal care, preparing for the baby’s arrival, finding a midwife for their new baby, and so on.

Getting to know new people in your new country is extremely important!

With a caring and loving community, your problems become lesser!

We bring together mothers in Hamburg to share experiences and helpful information and learn from each other!

You will find a shoulder to lean on.

Our events are open to all mothers in Hamburg, regardless of tribe, nationality, or religion.

Language?: We communicate in Mother Tongue. 😁

Feel free to bring your little ones along. We love to hear them sing!

Join our community support network for mothers

+49 176 459 14664

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