Mental Health in Youth as a Result of COVID-19

The project, co-funded by the European Union under the auspices of Erasmus Plus, highlighted the adverse effects of COVID19 on young people’s mental health and was an excellent opportunity to learn, share and connect.

Heart & Mind

Empowering young migrant women to cope with challenges, and facilitate their integration into their new communities.

Digital Youth Work Training in Idrija

Idrija, a quaint town in Slovenia, was the location of our recent training program to foster the development of digital competencies, such as digital communication, that are crucial for advancing Youth work in Europe.

State-of-the-Art E-Learning in Palermo

The “State of the Art E-Learning” event hosted by the European Centre of Studies and Initiatives CESIE in Palermo brought together 16 international participants for three days of learning, collaboration, and innovation in the realm of online education.

Partners Connect in Berlin

The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the cooperation between CARE Deutschland e.V. and the partner organizations as part of the “Emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine” project.