Career development

Horizon Resource Network actively supports the promotion of career advancement of students, youth and adults. To ensure the broadest possible base of interested persons, our goal is to make knowledge and skills an indispensable part of education. We believe that having an informed understanding of the best career and life decisions is key to a fulfilled and happy life.

Through Horizon Career, we provide information and assistance both for starting a new profession and for a successful working life.

Leveraging on our wide network in the industry and academia, we offer a career guide for students looking to securing attractive internship positions and student jobs in any sector.

We design personalised job coaching sessions to help career starters in navigating through the challenging path of job applications and job search.

Horizon Career also provides resources to help stay current with programs and professional training courses for you to acquire new skills, as well as information on job opportunities.

Whether it’s financing your studies or starting a career – questions about this will certainly arise during or at the end of your studies. The offers and information of the Horizon career can give you useful answers. Our programs are designed to strengthen the employability of participants.

The spectrum of the program of Horizon career include:

  • Career Design Workshop and Seminar.
  • Job/Career Coaching (Personalised)
  • Job Application Masterclass
  • Networking Events
  • Job/Career Coaching
  • Career Xchange
  • Job Application Masterclass
  • Career Design Workshop/Seminar
  • Student Jobs
  • Internships
  • Networking Events
  • Study Support


Our Job coaching offers the opportunity to answer professional questions in a confidential atmosphere with our experienced career consultants and to discuss and receive helpful feedback on your job search.

What you will learn:

  • How to design a professional CV (we provide a standard professional template).
  • How to prepare an attractive motivation letter.
  • Tips on preparing for a successful job interview.
  • How to analyse the job market and position yourself for your dream job.
  • Career strategies & targeted application strategies.
  • Personalised Professional assessment.
  • Establishment and maintenance of professional networks.
  • Coping with professional crises and difficulties on the job.

Also, you can freely determine the main topics from your professional context.



To register for the Job coaching, please send us an e-mail:


A separate e-mail with the access link will be sent to the participants one day before the start of the event.

To participate you need a PC, camera, microphone and internet connection.


Time & Date:
On arrangement.

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