The last few weeks have seen a surge in the number of refugees in Germany from Ukraine. Occasioned by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
Similar to what we had in 2015, the various states and cities in Germany are putting together modalities and processes for the entry and settling of refugees from Ukraine.
On our part, we are actively on the field providing information and support for refugees.
On this page, you will see links, information, and contact details of where you can receive support in Hamburg and cities in Germany.
We will do our best to regularly update this information.
  • The Ukrainian Relief Unit advises aid workers, but especially protection seekers, in Russian and Ukrainian. You can report here 24/7. There are also job opportunities for people from Ukraine.
  • MALENGO UKRAINE-GERMANY PROGRAM provides mentoring and financial support for students displaced from Ukraine who want to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Germany. More here: Ukraine–Germany Program – Malengo
  • Searching for accommodation in Germany? Please visit any of these websites for support:

#Unterkunft Ukraine


#Ukrainischer Hilfsstab

  • UHHhilft is a group supporting refugee students from Ukraine at the University of Hamburg. Their program activities are regularly conducted in German or English. Please contact the #UHHhilft for more information: #UHHhilft : Universität Hamburg (
  • On the subject of registration in Hamburg: people seeking protection can register here: Hammer Straße 32-34 in Hamburg/Wandsbek (U1 Wandsbecker Chausee stop) or Bargkoppelweg 66a, 22145 Hamburg. More information is available here:

and here:

Support for Refugees from Ukraine –

Lungengasse 24, 50676 Köln, Germany

  • Download Presentation: Information Session on Studying in Germany organised by HAUG: DOWNLOAD HERE!
  • Information on Studying, Living and Working in Germany: READ MORE
  • Search for schools and courses at Universities across all cities in Germany: HOCHSCHUL KOMPASS
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