A Taste of Home

No one moves abroad with the goal of not feeling at home in a foreign country, even if it’s a time-limited relocation.
Homely feeling is subjective and can be determined by how realities in a foreign country align with expectations. After all, home is where you feel safe and where you feel loved.
These were some of the opinions of participants at our community event tagged “A Taste of Home.”
It was an enriching gathering to share and highlight the challenges limiting the integration of migrants in Hamburg. Participants shared opinions of why they feel at home or do not feel at home in Hamburg.
The atmosphere, which created a sense of community, solidarity, and connection, was spiced up with loads of exchanges, games, laughter, music, and food. An evening well spent!
We look forward to seeing you at our next event organised at the Social Integration Hub Hamburg. The hub is a growing community that can help us feel connected to others and feel we’re part of something larger than ourselves.
Don’t be left out.