Promotion of Education for sustainable health and well-being

The Proverb “Health is Wealth” is forever true. To lead a healthy and productive life, knowledge is paramount. The knowledge of the prevalent sickness and disease in the environment and preventive measures. According to the 2015 Incheon Declaration, education develops the skills, values and attitudes that enable citizens to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, make informed decisions, and respond to local and global challenges.

With Horizon Health, we promote health literacy within the migrant community. Our programs are designed towards the enrichment of the knowledge base of participants and to foster a healthy community.

In addition, Horizon Health supports the achievement of goal No 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which aspires to ensure health and well-being for all.

Horizon Health also provides resources to help stay current with health-based programs and professional training courses for you to acquire new skills and knowledge on health management.

Horizon Health programs include: 

  • Mental health awareness seminar/workshop
  • Public health education
  • Nutrition workshop & Physical activity
  • Mobilisation of community resources in health matters.


HEALTH IN THE POT is a health education programme designed to empower African women on the topics focusing on Mental Health, Nutrition and Personal Hygiene.

During this 3-part workshop (16 – 31, July 2022), participants will be empowered to:
  • make informed decision about food intake in order to live better and improve their health
  • make healthy life choices
  • know about their mental health and where to seek help and support.
  • become more aware of their personal hygiene and health
  • advocate for healthy lifestyles in their families and communities
The workshops will take place specifically on Saturday and Sunday (16th, 30th and 31st). The days in-between are reserved for personal consultations and counseling.
Register for this program by clicking the button below until the 15th of July 2022.
For questions and inquiries, please contact us via:
horizon breaking the culture of silence
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