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Rising globalization and industrialization have opened up career opportunities in various fields hitherto unknown to mankind. Acquisition of high-demand skills is imperative for inclusion, productive engagement and adaptability.

Through our skills and career promotions, we offer periodic skill development training, webinars, and workshops to impact the requisite skills to build the workforce for the 21st Century.

We aim to reskill and upskill participants for a seamless transition into a chosen career.


Horizon Resource Network actively supports the promotion of career advancement for students, youth and adults. To ensure the broadest possible base of interested persons, our goal is to make knowledge and skills an indispensable part of education. We believe that having an informed understanding of the best career and life decisions is key to a fulfilled and happy life.

Furthermore, we provide information and assistance for starting a new profession and a successful working life.

Leveraging our wide network in the industry and academia, we offer a career guide for students looking to secure attractive internship positions and jobs in any sector.

We design personalized job coaching sessions to help career starters navigate through the challenging path of job applications and job search.

We also provide resources to help you stay current with programs and professional training courses to acquire new skills and information on job opportunities.

Our programs are designed to strengthen the employability of participants.

The spectrum of our program includes:

  • Career Design Workshop and Seminar.
  • Job/Career Coaching (Personalised)
  • Job Application Masterclass
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