RAISE Training (Refugees’ AI Student Empowerment)

RAISE Training (Refugees’ AI Student Empowerment), took place in Romania from 7th of May 2023 to 12th of May 2023 with the objective of providing participants with
a valuable learning and networking experience.

African-German Doctoral Summer School

Die African-German Doctoral Summer School fand vom 4. bis 9. September 2023 statt. Sie fördert den akademischen und sozialen Austausch zwischen Forschenden mit und ohne afrikanischen Hintergrund. Während der Summer School standen Präsentationen, Diskussionen und Debatten im Mittelpunkt, in denen eine Vielzahl forschungsrelevanter Themen behandelt wurden.

Education & Training

Organise knowledge enhancement, training and vocational programs, for students, youths, adults and interested persons.

Migration & Integration

Support dream actualisation for legal migrants while embarking on sustained awareness & advocacy against heightened illegal migration


Provide career, academic, social and life counseling and support through a structured mentoring program that enhances achievement of life goals and decision-making