Football Tournament

A football tournament, staged by a group supporting Africans displaced by the war in Ukraine who are currently in Germany, kicks off on Saturday, 3 December.

Information Webinar Series

A group supporting Africans who had fled the war in Ukraine and are currently seeking refuge in Germany has launched a series of online information sessions.

Information Sessions

A group supporting African war refugees from Ukraine who are currently seeking refuge in Germany will hold two information sessions in May.
The virtual events, ‘Information Session on Studying in Germany’ and ‘Legal Advice for Africans from Ukraine’, are organised by Help for Africans from Ukraine in Germany (HAUG) to provide orientation guide for the refugees.

Advice and Assistance

Provide career, academic, social and life counselling and support for students, youths & adults with a migration background through a structured mentoring program that enhances achievement of life goals and decision-making.

Further Education

Develop further education and advance training programs for individuals and migrants organizations.