Are you based in Africa, Europe, America, Australia or any where around the world?

Would you like to study for your PhD, advance your academic career with a Postdoc or research visit to Universities and Institutions abroad?

Would you like to expand your career via visiting teaching engagements in respected Universities and research institutions around the world?

Thinking of getting access to information that would position you for a career in academia?

This summit is tailor made for you!

Academic Career Summit is a gathering of academics from UK, USA, Canada and Germany to connect, network, mentor, share information and helpful resources for people seeking academic positions.

  • Participants at the summit will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of scholarships and grants awarding organisations.
  • Get information on how to apply to various scholarships.
  • In addition, dedicated and high-achieving academics will be on hand to share their experiences and guide on how to apply for academic positions.
  • Tips on writing cold emails to Professors and potential supervisors.
  • Effective use of social media to secure your desired academic position.
  • As a bonus, participants will receive a carefully curated document that highlights up to 500+ scholarships, research grants and fellowship opportunities around the world.

Don’t be left out!

Information empowers!

Register now and be part of this unique, informative and empowering summit.



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